Industrial Auction News 199

31st March 2020 – Auction of Solar Panels

Solar – Auctions, are to sell in a timed auction, factory new – Sonnenstromfabrik – monocrystalline glass/glass with black frames, made in Germany.

Solar – Auctions is the world’s first professional auction platform specializing in photovoltaics and solar equipment as well as other renewable energy products. With a storage volume of 5,000 sqm at their company headquarters in Hilden near Düsseldorf they are one of the largest players in Europe.

The solar modules have an output of 280 Wp – 325 Wp per solar module. The solar modules are packaged at 26 – 30 per pallet. Quantities in the lots may vary.

Modules for sale include:

30 x 305 Wp Sonnenstromfabrik monocrystalline – 9,15 KWp, 30 x 295-300 Wp Sonnenstromfabrik monocrystalline – 8,995 KWp, 30 x 290-320 Wp Sonnenstromfabrik monocrystalline – 9,165 KWp, 26 x 280-300 Wp Sonnenstromfabrik monocrystalline – 7,58 KWp, 24 x 285-290 Wp solar power factory monocrystalline – 6,93 KWp and many more.

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