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29th March 2022 – Closure of a Foundry in Hungary

29th March 2022 – Closure of a Foundry in Hungary

In an online auction ending on the 29th of March, Surplex is to sell over 150 lots of quality machines and accessories due to the closure of a foundry in Hungary.

Key assets in the auction include: RX SOLUTIONS X RAY CABINET EASY TOM 150 X-Ray Machine, LAEMPE LVM 1 Mixer and LAEMPE LL10 2 Core Shooters, CMI Amine Tower/Amine Air Filter Unit, KUKA KR 150 2000 Industrial Robot, FRAMA Aluminium Melting Furnace, MEC MI SB 1AC 600 Automatic Machine for the Production of Master Moulds, GAUSS Production Line for Aluminium Castings, KUKA KR 6 R 900 SIXX Robot, SW BA 322 Vertical Machining Centre, GARDNER DENVER ESM 140-7,5 A Screw Compressor, FRAMA Hardening Furnace with Feeding Unit, HÖKER LKO 5800/05 Oven with Feeder, FRAMA Aluminium Melting Furnace and much more.

Auctioneering firm Surplex specialises in online auctioneering services. Surplex has over 20 years of experience in the sale and valuation of used industrial equipment and machinery, including woodworking and metal working equipment. The firm operates from locations in 14 countries and sells approximately 55,000 machines every year.

For further information on this auction, please contact Damian Matczak:

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