21st April 2022 – Auction of Lab and Analytical Equipment

In an online auction ending on the 21st of April, EquipNet is to sell a range of Lab and Analytical Equipment from Leading Biotech and Pharmaceutical Companies.

Located in various location in the USA, the auction will feature hundreds of items such as Agilent HPLC’s & GC’s, Spectrophotometers, Beckman Coulter VI-Cell XR Analyzers, Li-Cor 9120 Imaging System, Malvern Mastersizer MSS, Taiwan Advanced Nanotech Maelstrom 9600’s Wave Bioreactors, Centrifuges, Microscopes, Incubators, Freezers, Balances and Unused Biosafety Cabinet.

Key assets include: Taiwan Advanced Nanotech Maelstrom 9600 TANbead Nucleic Acid Extractor, Agilent G6860A Cary 60 UV Vis Spectrophotometer with SoloVPE Spectroscopy, Beckman Coulter VI-Cell XR Cell Viability Analyzer, Olympus BX51M Microscope With 5x and 10x Objectives, LI Cor 9120 Odyssey Infrared Imaging System, J2 Scientific Preplinc Accuprep GPC Gel Permeation Chromatography Cleanup System, Malvern Mastersizer MSS, Hach HIAC 9703 Plus Particle Counter, Unused Thermo Scientific 1300 Series A2 Biological Safety Cabinet, Thermo Fisher Scientific UXF60086A63 Freezer and more.

Global asset management expert EquipNet was established in 1999. The company now operates from 25 locations and conducts business in more than 170 countries across the world. EquipNet offers a range of services to clients across multiple industry sectors including live/webcast auctions, sealed bid sales and online auctions.

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