28th April 2022 – Pharma Processing & Lab Sale

Troostwijk Auctions is selling a great selection of surplus laboratory equipment, pharmaceutical equipment, cosmetics and packaging equipment located in Gidy, France.

The online auction closes on the 28th of April and features more than 100 items including: Uhlmann UPS4 blister machine; Hispamec Monobloc C-4 filler capper; Pierre Guerin stainless steel tank with agitation (600 L); Hispamec C2N corker; Uhlmann C130 cartoner; autoclaves; Punch washing machine; case turner; dosing system; vial blowers; steamroom; vignetter; cashier; labellers; reactor type glass storage tanks; mobile ultrafiltration unit; stainless steel containers; bottle depacker; label counter; laminar flows; jib lifting and rotation; autosampler; disinfectant gas circulation unit; checkweigher; vibrating bowl; rotating accumulation table; conveyors; hotplate; laser marking; nitrogen evaporator; candling tables; mixers; pumps; transfer filters; glassware and more.

Auctioneering firm Troostwijk Auctions was founded in 1930 and over the last 90 years has grown to provide clients with 2,000 valuations and operate 3,300 online auctions every year. Troostwijk Auctions has industry experts across Europe, selling to buyers in 167 countries.

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