Industrial Auction News 388

3rd March 2020 – Sale of Cattle Slaughterhouse

Established in 1930, Troostwijk has extensive expertise in industrial auctioneering, connecting buyers and sellers across the world. This March Troostwijk will sell assets from a cattle slaughterhouse. The assets come to the market following discontinued operation of the facility located in Izegem, Belgium.

Lots in the online auction close on the 3rd of March. The assets can be viewed on the 2nd of March. Items featured in the sale include:

Stork slaughtery lines including: 1998 Stork anesthetic cage for live cattle; stainless steel bleed gutter; 1998 Stork stainless steel production platforms; Jarivs hydropneumatic scissors and observer; Jarvis bone saw; sawing station; 1998 Stork stainless steel conveyor with flights; stainless steel tilting platform; slaughter line transport system for intestines; Termet trachea and oesophagus cutter; monorail transport systems; meat hooks. Meat processing equipment including: 2012 Cryovac automatic vacuum packing machine; 2013 Maja venting machine; 1998 Stork stainless steel skinning machine; Cryovac steam shrinking and water removal machines; Coeman pallet wrapper and belt strapping machines. Chain conveyors and roller conveyors. 2013 Henkelman Polar 2-85 DS double chamber vacuum machine; 2013 Maja EVM 4006 venting machine; flotation waste water treatment plant; pallet trucks; forklift trucks; pallet racking; air cooling and treatment equipment; workshop inventory.

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