23rd June 2022 – Surplus Process & Lab Equipment Sale

CA Global Partners is selling process, laboratory and related equipment formerly operated by Xyleco. The auction takes place in conjunction with Chuck Yarbro Auctioneers Inc. Scientific research and manufacturing company Xyleco explored processes for converting biomass into ethanol.

The live webcast auction will take place on the 23rd of June. The assets are located in Moses Lake, Washington and can be inspected on the 22nd of June. Equipment available in the auction includes:JEOL JSM-7800F Schottky field SEM, Tobias TBX2000 densitometer, Bruker Avance HDTM 400 spectrometer, Textronix TPS2024B oscilloscope, Mettler XS204 analytical balance scale, Thermo Scientific 1400 recirculating chiller, Rockwell RS Logix 5000 automation, Kahn portable hygrometer / water vapor measurement tool, Promega GloMax 20/20 luminometer E5321, Peak Scientific NM32LA nitrogen generator, Labconoco flask scrubber / glassware washer, Plas-Labs 818-GB scientific glove box, Aura ductless fume hoods by Mister, Quadro Ytron Y45, 12 – 20,000 gallon jacketed vessels / reactors in various sizes, Bematek CZ-110-PB Type 316L stainless colloid mill, Sharples P-660 decanter centrifuge, Burt Process LSF-146 Duplex pump lift station, Siemens DI water system and more.

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