5th August 2022 – Sale of Biotech & Pharma Lab Equipment

Heritage Global Partners is selling a great offering of surplus biotech and pharma laboratory equipment.

The global online auction will open on the 4th of August and bidding closes on the 5th of August. Over 100 items feature in the auction including: Agilent mass spectrometer; Xcellerex single use bioreactor; Perkin Elmer Chemagic MSM I magnetic particle separator; Shimadzu HPLC system; Beckman Optima XPN 90 ultracentrifuges; Strategene MX3005 P; Molecular Devices Spectramax i3x; Applied Bio 7900HT Fast Real Time PCRs; New Brunswick CelliGen BLU bioreactors; Beckman GS-6R refrigerated benchtop centrifuge; Zeiss Standard 25 benchtop binocular microscope; Hewlett Packard G1513A 6890 series injector series injector; National Optics DC2-456 binocular stereo microscope; Bausch & Lomb 33.46.10 Refractometer benchtop refractometer; Motic DMB3-223 B3 Professional Series benchtop binocular compound microscope; Bio-Rad C1000 Touch Thermal Cycler with CFX96 real-time system optics module; Stratagene UV Stratalinker 2400 UV crosslinker; Invitrogen Countess II FL cell counter; Protea GPR-800 gel protein recovery system; liquid handlers; biosafety cabinets; incubators; freezers; vacuum pumps and much more.

Heritage Global Partners is a California-based auctioneering firm offering a full range of services, from single asset sales through to turnkey facilities and complete factories. Heritage Global Partners has a global presence, operating in 30 countries worldwide. Conducting 150-200 auctions every year, the firm works with clients in over 25 sectors including the pharmaceutical, food and beverage, aerospace and biotech industries.

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