30th – 31st August 2022 – Pharma and Lab Equipment Sale

Federal Equipment Company is selling manufacturing and laboratory equipment from Par Pharmaceutical. The auction is held in conjunction with Heritage Global Partners, CRG and PPL.

Par Pharmaceutical is a contract manufacturer of generic pharmaceuticals specialising in modified-release oral solid dosage products and non-oral dosage platforms including inhalers, patches and nasal sprays. The firm also manufactures branded and generic aseptic injectable products. Par Pharmaceutical operates facilities in North America and India.

The online auction will take place between the 30th and 31st of August. The assets are located in Chestnut Ridge, New York and include: Vector TFC 220 roller compactor, Fitzpatrick D6A fitzmills, Korsch XL 400 WIP tablet press, Globe Pharma maxi blenders, Quadro 197 comil, Fette 2090 tablet press, IMA F-2000 liquid filler, Stokes BB2/45 tablet press, Fette P1200 tablet presses, O’Hara Labcoat solvent rated coater, Riva Piccola bi-layer tablet press, Harro Hofliger patch line, 10 Cubic Foot V blender, Capsugel CFS 100 capsule filler, Niro Aeromatic S-700 spheronizer, Niro Aeromatic E-140 extruder, Vector GMX-10 high shear, Cozzoli VR2 vial filler and more. The equipment can be previewed by appointment with the auctioneer only.

Federal Equipment Company was established in 1957. Based in Cleveland, Ohio, the firm specialises in industrial equipment auction, liquidation and investment recovery programs. Federal Equipment Company buys and sells equipment used across a wide range of process industries, including equipment used in the pharmaceutical, food, chemical, packaging, rubber and plastics sectors, and stocks equipment across 275 distinct categories.

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