30th August 2022 – Auction of Laboratory Equipment

Federal Equipment Company is selling a huge offering of laboratory equipment surplus to the ongoing needs of a Fortune 500 agricultural solutions company. The auction takes place in conjunction with Proxio Group.

The online auction opens on the 26th of August and bidding closes on the 30th of August. Over 1,000 lots of laboratory equipment, seed equipment and agricultural assets are available in the sale including: Bio-Rad thermocyclers, lab hoods, Viia 7 Realtime PCR system, scales, Tecan Freedom Evo liquid handling system, microscopes, Percival growth chambers, Sato bar code printers, ThermoScientific HPLC system, dry bead sterilizers, fibre lites, seed handling machine, Haerus incubator, heated stir plates, Javo pot placer and filler, Virtis bench top freeze dryer, plate pourers, inkjet coders, Coulter FXP laboratory automation workstation, hybriditzation and lab ovens, Systec Mediaprep units, Lancer freestanding washers, Beckman Coulter automation workstation, ThermoSci centrifuges, KingFisher extraction system, QIAcuity PCR system, hundreds of lab bench items, numerous pieces of glassware and lab consumables and much, much more.

Based in Cleveland, Ohio, Federal Equipment Company specialises in industrial equipment auction, liquidation and investment recovery programs. The firm buys and sells equipment used across a wide range of sectors – including equipment used in the chemical, pharmaceutical, packaging, food, rubber and plastics industries – and stocks equipment across 275 distinct categories.

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