A range of machinery for the food industry on behalf of UAB “GRIMEDA” located in Šilalės rajonas (LT) is to be sold via online auction on the 17th of August. The company operates in the cooked and cured meats and sausage industry.

Cutters, meat grinders, dicers, ham moulds, vacuum fillers, smoking and cooking chambers, smoke trolleys, labelling equipment, evaporaters, pumps and more will go under the hammer.

Over 450 lots will be sold. Key assets in the auction include: Laska vacuum bowl cutter with lifter for 200 meat bins and rejector, Krämer+Grebe vacuum bowl cutter with lifter for 200 liter meat bins and rejector, CFS grinder with Inwestpol Sp. z.o.o. lifter for 200 liter meat bins, Nowicki vacuum tumbler, Handtmann vacuum filling machine with lifter for 200 liter meat bins, Poly-Clip System GmbH & Co. KG mobile double clipper, Reich/Foodtec smoking chamber for 2 trolleys, Fessmann climate and cold smoking chamber consisting of Fessmann smoke generator for wood chips and 3 smoking channels, smoke trolleys, meat bins, Treif vertical slicer, model: 2550, CFS Palazzolo thermoformer and much more.

Online auctioneering expert Industrial Auctions specialises in providing services to the food and beverage industries. The firm holds on-location auctions across Europe and 5-6 auctions each year from their base in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Industrial Auctions has expertise in selling complete companies and production lines as well as machinery.

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