24th – 25th August 2022 – Valve Manufacturer Sale

Cottrill & Co. is selling surplus assets from a global valve manufacturer located in Gateshead, UK.

Day one of the auction closes on the 24th of August and features free standing and floor mounted gantry/jib cranes, pallet trucks and compressors including: Technical free standing electrical overhead travelling cranes; Technical electrical overhead travelling crane; Clayton free standing electrical overhead travelling crane; Stahl ST10 free standing crane; overhead beam with Stahl ST-10 500kg chain hoist; overhead beam with SWF chainster; Granadi jib crane with Stahl ST10 500kg hoist; Granada gib crane; Pelloby jib crane; Warrior pallet trucks; Mitsubishi Electric pedestrian pallet truck; magnetic lifts and more.

Day two of the auction closes on the 25th of August and features toolroom machinery, fabrication machinery and equipment, tooling accessories and cabinets including: HAAS SL40BCE CNC lathe; HAAS SL40 BCE Big Bore CNC lathe; ANWL 111 auto welder; Bode welding manipulator; Migatronic TIG welder; Murex Transmig 523s TIG welder; Gullco electric idler; Metabo electrical 4 inch grinders; AJH double ended grinder; Walther Trowal 1m rumblers; Automator straightening press; steel tables and more.

The assets may be previewed by appointment with the auctioneer only.

Cottrill & Co. is a specialist in online auctioneering based in Birmingham, UK. The firm sells individual items up to complete facilities and offers a range of services to their clients including commission sales, valuations, and outright purchases, with expertise across all categories of manufacturing assets.

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