6th September 2022 – Aircraft Engines Manufacturer Surplus Sale

Located in Zaventem, Belgium, Surplex Is to sell various surplus machines from an aircraft engine manufacturer.

The auction on the 6th of September will feature approximately 70 lots. Key assets will include: BOHNER & KÖHLE WF 4 Hydro-Mill Vertical milling machine, FAVRETTO R100 Vertical grinding machine, Welding cabins (3x), BERTHIEZ 9330/4 Vertical turret lathe, METCO AR 1000 Thermal Spray Robot, SCHLICK Roto-Jet Blasting installation, GENIE Z-45 / 25J Electric articulated boom lift, BOHNER & KÖHLE F63.100 Vertical milling machine, VERLINDE Single girder crane, SCHLICK Roto-Jet 24 Blasting machine, SCHLICK Roto-Jet 183 Blasting machine, MESSMA-KELCH-ROBOT E361 EA6 Logo Tool presetter and much more.

Online auctioneering specialist Surplex has more than 20 years of experience in the sale and valuation of used industrial machinery, including woodworking and metal working equipment. The firm operates from 14 locations and sells approximately 55,000 machines every year.

For further information about this auction, please contact: Patrick van Goor