Industrial Auction News 219

5th May 2020 – Large European Woodworking Auction

Auctelia an online auctioneer and a broker of used professional equipment, based in Belgium at the heart of Europe, is to sell a range of carpentry equipment via online auction. The sale, which ends on May 5th 2020 will see a range of Wood CNC machining centers, Stacking devices, Labelling machine, Dust collectors & Heating Equipment, Sliding table saws, Spindle moulding machines, Sanders, Routers, Compressors, Slitters, Wood machine accessories and more being sold.

Key assets amongst the 110 lots, located in Belgium, include: 3-axis wood machining Centre HOLZ HER 7521 Dynestic 15.6 G, Vacuum pump cabinet, motorized treadmill, GANNER Gannomat 471-EB Tourilloneuse, AMOTEC h CVD 450 industrial shavings and dust Chip extractor unit, Horizontal Sliding table panel saw SCM Si350n, Spindle moulder MARTIN T25, Spindle moulder with MARTIN tenoning trolley, DYNAIR PRL454T ATEX RD Extraction Engine and much more.

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