5th May 2020 – Machinery for Sale from Rolls Royce, Derby

Apex Auctions has more than 15 years of experience in the management of surplus assets, connecting buyers and sellers across the world. Each year the firm conducts more than 150 online auctions, selling 30,000 items annually to buyers across 62 countries. This May, Apex Auctions are selling machinery surplus to the ongoing requirements of Rolls Royce, located in Derby, UK.

Engineering company Rolls Royce was founded in the UK in 1906, manufacturing equipment for the defence, energy, marine propulsion, aviation and automotive industries. Their Derby facility is Rolls Royce’s largest site in the UK where the firm design, assemble and test the Trent jet engine and develop future technologies.

The online auction of six lots closes on the 5th of May. The items featured in the sale include: 2 Eley Truth co-ordinate measuring machines with granite beds, model Truth 1277 and Truth S 1077; 1 tonne remote controlled gantry crane with uprights, crossbeams and carriage (2011); Pryor multidot marking machines, model Markatronic Multidot 2068-Z (2005 and 2007) featuring Mitutoyo digital protractor and PC setup; Rotary Precision Instruments rotary table with chilled air supply.

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