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20th – 21st October 2021 – Biotech and Lab Equipment Sale

The Branford Group has more than 20 years of experience in industrial equipment sales and valuations. Serving clients across multiple industries, the firm connects buyers across the world with surplus industrial machinery and manufacturing facilities. This October, The Branford Group will sell Late-Model Biotech and Lab equipment which comes to the market following the closure of the Viatris facility located in San Carlos, California. The sale takes place in conjunction with Heritage Global Partners.

The online auction opens on the 20th of October and bidding on lots will close on the 21st of October. The assets can be viewed by appointment with the auctioneer only. Items featured in the sale include: Caron Environmental Chambers, (2) GEA Niro A/S Spray Dryer Systems, Baker Company 6047000 Glove Box, Carlisle Life Sciences AMP1000 Six Port Rigid-Wall Transfer Isolator, (2) 1200 Liter Precision Stainless 316 SS Tank, 300 Liter Precision Stainless 316 SS Tank, 100 Liter Precision Stainless 316 SS Tank, Allegheny Bradford P/N VE538000 15 Liter Capacity Acid Alloy 20 Tank, Allegheny Bradford P/N VE537600B 171 Liter Feed Stock Vessel, Allegheny Bradford P/N VE537600A 172 Liter Feed Stock Vessel, Yale ERP030TFN36SE082 Electric Forklift, Crown SIDESHIFTER Electric Forklift, Crown SP 3000 Electric Forklift, Maintenance Shop and Tools and Support Equipment and more.

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