Industrial Auction News 192

6th May 2020 – Agricultural Machinery Auction from European Flower and Bulb Nursery

On the 6th May 2020 Troostwijk Auctions are to sell, via online auction, a range of agricultural machinery located in The Netherlands.

Troostwijk Auctions, Europe’s largest B2B online auction house, have been a trusted name in the industry since 1930 bringing buyers and sellers from around the world together in auctions across many different verticals.

Over 140 items of complete company inventory of flower and bulb nursery J.M. Pennings in Noordwijkerhout will be sold including complete sorting lines with double sorting machine, various reading belts with ‘Nobels’ laser counting machines,tractors, weighing belt, tilters and reading belts, sprayer, harvester and more.

Key assets for sale include: 2003 Fendt 312 TMS Vario four-wheel drive farm tractor, Fendt Farmer 308/90 Turbomatic four-wheel drive farm tractor, New Holland TL100 four-wheel drive farm tractor, 1996 Nettuno 90-320 irrigation reel, 2015 Total Systems KSM 120 foam disinfection machine, 2001 Antha ABA lily shaver, van Hienen box tipper with dosing belt, 2016 Clean Light TulpenKap 1 disinfection unit, 2017 Kverneland Exacta 1100 CL fertiliser spreader, 1997 Schouten SBM61/120-10 sorting machine, 2016 Celli Ranger 250 rotary harrow, Nobels flower bulb lifter and much more.

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