Industrial Auction News 313

27th October 2021 – Interior Trim Production Equipment Sale

AllSurplus is one of the Liquidity Services network of e-commerce marketplaces. The firm specialises in industrial equipment sales. Using a multi-channel sales process, AllSurplus connects sellers with their 3.6 million registered buyers. This October, AllSurplus, in association with Gordon Brothers, is to sell over 150 items of Machinery for the Production of Interior Car Trim, due to the closure of the Kasai-Automotive Trim Manufacturing Plant, located in the UK. KASAI UK LTD supplies high quality interior automotive components for Nissan Motor Manufacturing UK and Honda Manufacturing UK from its two plants in the UK.

The sale will include Compression Moulding, Thermoforming Lines, Plastic Manufacturing, Water Cutting Cells, Textiles Equipment, and Factory Support Machinery, with offers invited prior to close of online auction for major items and production cells.

The online auction will close on the 27th of October. Key assets include: Compression Moulding – Kojima 1000t hydraulic forming presses (qty 2), Kojima 1100t hydraulic forming press, Associated correction jigs, pierce press, ultrasonic welders and wrapping machines. Thermoforming Lines- Kojima 300t Side Frame hydraulic forming press (1997/98) with Ceramicx 124KW 2 station oven and feeder (qty 2). Plastic Manufacturing – Negri Bossi V700-4100 CNC 700t injection moulder, Negri Bossi V830-6300 CNC 830t injection moulder, Zerma GSC/300/200 granulator, Zerma GSC 300/100/1000 granulator. Textile Equipment – Hennecke Highline skid mounted Polyurethane mixing set, Samco 2215 fc 165 hydraulic beam cutting press, Miniroller 2040mm x 1800mm cutting table, Typical ‘GC6760’ ‘TW1-898’ lockstitch sewing machines (qty 7).

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