8th February 2023 – Food Processing Machinery in Emmeloord

In an online auction closing on the 8th of February, Industrial Auctions BV is to sell a range of machinery for the food industry, located in Emmeloord, Netherlands.

Equipment for sale will include: skinning and derinding machines, mixers, tumblers, forming machines, vacuum fillers, multihead weighers, vertical packaging machines, labelling equipment, checkweighers, transport belts, S/S tanks, vacuum pumps and more. ​

Key assets in the auction include: BBC Technologies mobile height adjustable low drop inspection table, BBC Technologies 10-lanes linear weigher, Mettler Toledo Safeline X-ray machine, Espera mobile labelling machine with top and bottom labeller, Niro-Tech tiltable paddle mixer, S/s platform with s/s vibrating gutter and Yamato Scale Dataweigh LTD multihead weigher, Mettler Toledo Garvens GmbH checkweigher with rejecter, Multiweigh / HD Wiegetechnik 14-heads multihead weigher, Grasselli 4-lane horizontal slicer, Mettler Toledo Garvens GmbH metal detector and checkweigher with rejecter, Jasa vertical bag form-, fill-, and seal machine, Jasa vertical bagging machine for vacuum pouches or with liquid filling and much more. 

​Online auctioneering expert Industrial Auctions specialises in providing services to the food and beverage industries. The firm holds on-location auctions across Europe and 5-6 auctions each year from their base in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Industrial Auctions has expertise in selling complete companies and production lines as well as machinery.

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