Industrial Auction News 129

9th June 2020 – Auction of Mirror Fabrication, Woodworking and Other Equipment

Global asset management specialist BIDITUP has extensive experience in the auction and appraisal of industrial assets across a broad range of industry sectors.BIDITUP conducts over 100 auctions each year. This June the firm will sell a 175,000 square foot decorative mirror and wood products facility, formerly of Head West Inc. The sale takes place in conjunction with Maynards Industries.

Los Angeles-based Head West Inc specialise in the manufacture of mirror, wood, metal and acrylic products. The firm has supplied products to the retail, point of purchase and hospitality sectors for more than 40 years.

The global webcast auction will take place on the 9th of June. The assets are located in Compton, California and can be inspected ahead of the sale on the 4th, 5th and 8th of June or by appointment. Items featured in the sale include:

Mirror fabrication line featuring: 72″ wide conveyor, scrubber section, spray section, gas fired preheat, double roller coater, electric gas fired oven, cool off and Billco glass washer. Glass stripping and washing equipment including Somaca & Maca Industries glass stripper and Billco glass washers. Glass and mirror cutting equipment including Bystronic CNC glass cutter and Billco strip cutters. Edgework equipment including: 1999 Costruzioni Meccaniche Besana glass edging machine; Schiatti Angelo polishers; Bovone Mini-Maxi glass beveling machines. Screen printing equipment including: M&R Conquest 3850 multicolor graphics screen printing press; 2007 Luscher computer to screen large format inkjet printer; 2007 Vanguard screen printer; Eveco Silkscreen Maskiner; cold solvent screen washer system. Woodworking equipment including: 1997 Shoda 4-head CNC router; CTD D45 double mitre saws; Alfamacchine U500 single channel under pinner/joiner. Material handling equipment, facility and support equipment.

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