Industrial Auction News 103

9th June 2020 – Sale of Multi Medium Recycling Plant

Asset appraisal, disposition and liquidation specialist Tiger provides services to businesses across the retail, wholesale and manufacturing industries. The firm appraises in excess of $30 billion of assets and sells more than $1 billion of machinery, equipment and other assets each year. This June Tiger will sell a multi medium recycling plant, formerly of ECS Refining, located in Stockton, California. The sale takes place in conjunction with Aaron Equipment, Rosen Systems and Perry Videx.

ECS Refining specialised in the recycling of electronic waste from retailers, consumers and manufacturing facilities. ECS filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy in April 2018 and soon after closed three of their plants, including their Stockton facility. The plant features processing lines for TVs, glass, wood, e-scrap, glass and wood. The real estate – a 262,000 square foot building situated on a 37 acre lot – is also available to buy or lease.

The online auction takes place on the 9th of June. The assets may be inspected ahead of the sale on the 8th of June by appointment only. Items featured in the sale include:

Electronic waste shredding and separation line, still installed as it was operated, including: primary SSI dual rotor shredder; outfeed conveyor; Titech sorting unit; Hron Valley eddy current separator; Finder 3000 Combisense. Cathode ray tube (CRT) monitor & projection TV separation & recycling line, including: Econo-Lift stationary Gaylord dumper stations; sort stations; conveyors; Torit Downflo dust collection system; glass breaking stations; metal detector. Wood pallet shredding and chipping line including: West Salem Wood Hog wood chipper; conveyors; water mister. Other equipment including: forklifts; pallet trucks; material handling equipment; office furniture and more.

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