Industrial Auction News 428

6th March 2020 – Auction of Milk and Butter Equipment

Pittsburgh bases auctioneers Harry Davis & Company provide valuation, industrial auction and consulting services, with particular expertise in the food and beverage sector. Harry Davis and Company will this March sell artisan fluid milk and butter equipment formerly of Green Mountain Organic Creamery.

Vermont-based Green Mountain Organic Creamery produces a range of organic products. Milk used in their dairy products – which include milk, cream, flavoured milks, butter milk and butter – is sourced from their Kimball Brook Farm. In December 2019, the company announced that going forward the farm will instead focus on growing hemp used in the manufacture of their range of CBD-infused lemonades and iced tea.

The online auction will take place between the 4th and 6th of March. The assets are located in Hinesburg, Vermont, and can be viewed by appointment. Items featured in the sale include: 2011 Alfa Laval Pasteurizer; Gaulin Homogenizer; 800 gallon S/S dome-top cone-bottom processor with scrape surface agitator; 75 Gallon S/S likwifier; Fristam, Tri Clover and Ampco centrifugal pumps; 300 Gallon jacketed cream tank, with Milk Master vertical agitator; Federal 12-Valve Filler; Alfa Laval positive displacement pump; Dairy Heritage butter pump; Dairy Heritage Freon ice builder; 1999 Freightliner 2600 gallon milk tanker truck. Plastic milk crates and gallon buckets, milk cans with lids, centrifugal pumps, chart recorders and temperature probes, air compressors, and blowers.

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