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Assets from Manufacturer of Aluminium Molds for Sale

Surplex are to auction a range of assets due to the closure of an Aluminium Molds Manufacturer.

Surplex’s online auctions have become one of the most important sales channels and today is the one of the best-selling auction platforms. Every year more than 55,000 assets change owners at over 500 online auctions.

This auction, with assets located in Montesilvano, Italy, is due to end on January 16th, 2020. Approximately 160 valuable items will be sold, including FOR.TY TWIN HORNETS DPM1000 5-Axis Machining Centre, TACCHI LEONARD 3000 FT95 CNC Facing Lathe, GURUTZPE A-1000/2 CNC Heavy-Duty Lathe, OMV BPF-4 2000 6-Axis Machining Centre, C.B FERRARI A15 5-Axis Machining Centre, OPUS 800 TMH/R Vertical Cutting Saw and MARANGONI RT2000 Wheel Rim Mounting Machine.

Viewing is by appointment only.

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