Industrial Auction News 604

Auction of Backing and Food Packaging Equipment

Founded in 1993, Schneider Industries has extensive experience in the management of surplus assets. This December Schneider Industries Inc. will auction a huge selection of baking and packaging equipment following the closure of the Indiana Baking Company plant located in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

The Indiana Baking Company was founded in 1988. The company specialise in the development of speciality baked goods, including breads, buns, granola and rolls. Bidding on lots in the online auction closes on the 3rd of December. Assets may be inspected on the 2nd of December or by appointment and include:

Metro Shelf Units; Weigh Tronix Scale;Bench Type Scales; Citizen Scale; Gemini Sprial Mixer; Kemper Sprial Mixer; Bowl for Kemper Mixer; Kemper Spiral Mixer; Sotoriva Spiral Mixer; Bowl For Sotoriva Mixer; OPM Sprial Mixer; Baxter Water Meter; Glimek Bread Moulder; Konig Rex 4 Pocket Automat; Gemini Intermediate Proofer; Lane Type Roll Moulder; Lane Type Roll Moulder; Benier Kaiser Roll Stamper; Benier Divider; Benier Conical Dough Rounder; Acme Rol-Sheeter; Eberhardt Bread Rounder; Univex 20 Quart Mixer; Bertrand French Bread Moulder; Stainless Coating Drum; LBC Double Rack Oven; LBC Final Proofer; Double Ovens Racks ; Display Racks; UBE Bagging Line; Loma IQ2 Metal Detector; UBE Band Slicer; Ross Ribbon Blender;Paragon Labeling Systems; Plasties TieMAtic Mark XV Twist Tie Machine; bread pans and baking trays.

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