Industrial Auction News 657

Auction of Health Diagnostic Facility Equipment

Global experts in industrial valuations and auctions, The Branford Group are to auction a large selection of laboratory equipment formerly of True Health, located in Richmond, Virginia. The sale will take place in conjunction with Gordon Brothers, Joseph Finn Co. and New Mill Capital LLC. Texas-based True Health, provider of diagnostic testing services, filed for bankruptcy in July. They had operated from their Richmond laboratory since 2015.

Bidding in lots on the online auction will begin to close on the 6th of November. Pre-auction offers will be entertained on large packages of equipment and major machinery included in the sale.More than 1000 lots are available, including: 8 2013 Bruker Ascend 600 NMR Magnet System, Sample Jet, Pre Amp, Advance III HD Chillers, HPPPII, Battery Backups/ Assorted Bruker Spare Parts; 3 ABI Sciex Triple Quad 6500 Mass Spectrometers w/ Leap PAL HTS-XT, LC-20AD XR, DG-20A; 2 2013 ABI Sciex Triple Quad 5500 Mass Spectrometers w/ Leap PAL HTS-XT, (5) LC-20AD XR, DG-20A; 2014 ABI Sciex Triple TOF 5600 Mass Spectrometer, w/ Leap Pal HTS-XT Auto Sampler; 2 Shimadzu LC-20AD, CTO-20AC; 23 Shimadzu GC-2010 Plus Gas Chromatographs, w/ AOC-5000 Plus Auto Sampler; Beckman Coulter Automatic 2550 Autosampling; 17 To 2013 Hamilton Microlab STAR, Microlab STAR Let, Elisa STAR Let Automated Liquid Handling Systems.

Inspection of assets is by appointment only on the 5th of November.

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