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Auction of Meat Processing and Packaging Equipment

Industrial auction specialists Troostwijk will auction a huge selection of meat processing and packaging machinery on behalf of Nematekas, located in Kaisiadorys, Lithuania.

Nematekas was established in 1994.Initially producing small volumes of processed meats, the company grew to manufacture over 80 tonnes of beef, chicken and turkey products per day and supply their products across Europe. Bidding on lots in the online auction will close on the 17th of December. Assets can be inspected ahead of the sale by appointment only, and include:

Meat and food processing equipment including: Weber S6 slicer; meat mincer; 2004 Kerres KRN1 smoke trolley washer; Ruhle dicer; Vacona tumbler; Vemag Robot HP100 vacuum Filling Machine; Alpina KF260 vacuum filling machine frame; Freund K28-04 circular saw machine; Calypsol H442 bowl cutter; 1000kg tumbler; lift platforms; air road hooks; 2005 Testmer RB -P- 75 mill; Ziegra ZBE350R ice maker frame. Packaging equipment including: VC999 TS900N semiautomatic tabeltop tray sealer; 1994 Soco System T 10 box taper sealer; 2000 Ulma Compact fresh product packing machine; 1995 Moba Farmpacker M70 egg packing line. Cooling devices, compressors, fryers, cookers and boilers, weighing scales, metal detectors.Operating panes, hydraulic power units, refrigerated counter display and insulated doors.

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