Industrial Auction News 654

Auction of Powder Processing and Packaging Plant

Auctioneers Rabin have more than 60 years of experience in the acquisition and sale of industrial equipment and facilities. Together with CRG, Rabin will auction a complete powder processing and packaging plant. The sale comes about following the closure of the Coates Toners plant located in Dallas, Pennsylvania. Coates Toners manufactured monochrome and colour aftermarket/OEM toners.

The real-time online auction will take place on the 5th of November. Assets, which may be inspected on the 4th of November, include:

Powder milling and classifying equipment, including: 2000 Hosokawa Alpine milling line; 1996 Netsch Condux CSM 360/DSF classifier mill; Classifier line with Hosokawa Alpine 200ATP-GS Turboflex ultrafine classifiers; 1996 Russell 25120 48″ stainless steel vibratory sieve screener. Mixing, blending and extrusion equipment including: 2000 Steiger 50 HP inverter mixer; Netsch Mastermix vertical mixer; 1996 Buss TSC100-16D compound kneader/extruding line; 1986 APV MP2065 twin screw compounding extruder. Filling and packaging equipment including: AMS dual-head bottle filling line; Vac-U-Max bulk bag cyclone loader; Cerebus All-Fill stainless steel bag filler. Factory support equipment including: Quincy QSI 500 500 CFM air compressor; Ingersoll Rand SSR-EP125 125 HP rotary screw air compressor with refrigerated air dryer; Sterling M2B2010 9 Kw mold heaters; Gorbel bridge cranes with vacuum lifts.

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