Industrial Auction News 639

Following the closure of Astroenergy’s solar module plant in Frankfurt (Oder), auctioneers Troostwijk will sell solar module production line equipment in an auction presented by Auktionshaus Wilhelm Dechow GmbH.

Astroenergy were the first Chinese solar energy company to establish a manufacturing plant in Germany. Founded in 2006, the firm specialise in the manufacture of monocrystalline and polycrystalline PV modules. Astroenergy announced the planned closure of their Frankfurt (Oder) facility in early 2019, following increasing competition from China. Astroenergy’s German office will now focus on marketing and customer service.

The online auction will take place on the 7th of November and will include the lots remaining following a tender sale on the 5th of November. Assets include: 2007 ABB IRB4400 M2004 articulated robots; 2006 ABB IRB 1600 M2004 Articulated robot / Soldering robot; 2006 ABB IRB 1600 M2004 Articulated robot / Assembly robot; 2018 ABB IRB4600 40/2.55 Articulated robots / handling robots; 2007 Robust film cutting machine; 2016 Team Technik TT1800 F16ST3002 stringers; 2017 ABB IRB4600-40/2.55 articulated robots; Leab 1 / support glass pane; 2018 ATN A1802-080-AST Generation 2 automatic packaging machine; 2007 Swiss Solar System AG S3621 Laminating Line vacuum laminator;2007 Swiss Solar System AG S3621 Laminating Line vacuum laminator; Filter exhaust units; Glass processing equipment.

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