Industrial Auction News 596

Auction of Vodka, Gin and Whiskey Distillery

New Mill Capital, experts in the sale and purchase of real estate and excess production equipment, are to auction components of the 18 Vodka vodka, gin and whiskey distillery located in Mishawaka, Indiana.

18 Vodka manufacture artisan vodka using American-grown rye and water sourced from a natural underground aquifer. Bidding in lots in the online auction closes on the 5th of December. The assets, which make be inspected ahead of the auction by appointment only, include: 2008 Arnold Holstein Type SH1200 600L Still; 2008 Bavarian 1200L Fermenter, Vertical Agitation; 2008 EnoToscana Single Wall Tank; 2009 Letina 620L Stainless Steel Tank; iNox Star 600L Stainless Steel Holding Tank;260 Gallon Stainless Steel Holding Tank; 2008 iStill 250L Automated Still; Moonshine Distillery 3-Vessel Display Still; DME Mobile CIP System, Centrifugal Pump; Goulds Centrifugal Pump; 2010 CS Bell Model MILPA Mill; Robix Roppi-600 Malt Mill; Hapman Grain Hopper with Pipe Auger; Stainless Steel Holding Containers; 2008 Glycol Chiller, 7.5 HP; 2008 Smith Natural Gas Fired Steam Boiler; Yale Fork Lift; Enol Matic Bottle Filler; Enol Matic Bottle Filler; Race Labeling Machine; Stainless Steel Steam Jacketed Kettle; Central Machinery 2Hp Dust Collector; OmCan Food Machinery Mixer; Floor Mounted Grain Mill; Testing Equipment; BHDM Intelligent Densitometer; Barrels of Distilled Spirits and Grains and Botanicals Inventory. All intellectual property and real estate is available are also available.

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