Industrial Auction News 652

Bakery, Process and Packaging Equipment for Auction

Rabin, experts in the acquisition and auction of industrial facilities and equipment, will sell a selection of bakery production and process equipment, packaging machines and factory support equipment formerly of Legendary Baking. The auction is in partnership with industrial auctioneers Loeb Winternitz.

Legendary Baking has operated for more than 50 years, manufacturing premium deserts and gourmet pies for supply to retailers and restaurants across the United States. The online auction in real-time will take place on the 7th of November. The assets, located in Santa Ana, California, include:

Bakery production equipment including: Hobart, Diosna and Artofex Colborne mixer/kneaders; Moline pastry make up line, Rondo reversible sheeter; Colborne pie dough divider, Tenneco H201DL pie press; Hinds Boch SP64 and Colborne 701AA piston depositors; 50,000 lb. Bulk flour handling system with sifter & blowers; stainless pan racks and wire baskets. Ovens, Spiral Coolers & Conveyors including: Baker Perkins 65’ x 48” wide continuous plate oven; CMS sweep type stainless oven loader & unloader; Spiral cooling conveyors; Reed 10 shelf rotary rack oven with upgraded controls. Process & Packaging Machinery including: Lee & Groen cook & mix kettles; Waukesha SPX 6X72 scrape surface heat exchanger (2014); Waukesha SPX positive displacement pumps; Anritsu and Loma X-ray inspection machines, and a selection of factory support equipment.

The equipment may be inspected prior to the sale, on the 6th of November.

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