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Cranes, Tables, Racking and Lifting Equipment for Auction

Cottrill & Co. have more than 30 years of experience in the auction of manufacturing assets across the world.This November, they will sell a selection of cranes, tables, racking and lifting equipment for a retained client at Halco Brighouse Ltd.

Founded in 1948, Halco Brighouse Ltd manufacture mining equipment. Established initially to manufacture tungsten carbide and masons tools, during the 1950s the company developed Down-the-Hole drilling equipment for use in the civil engineering, quarrying, exploration, geothermal, oil and gas industries.

The online auction will end on the 14th of November. The assets, located in West Yorkshire, UK, include:

Benches/tables, cabinets and cupboards. Cranes including: Jib Crane 500kg with Donati Hoist, 4.1m length 4.5m High Approx; Jib Crane 500kg with Donati Hoist, 4m length 4.7m High Approx; Jib Crane 500kg with Davy Morris Hoist, 3.5m Length 3.5m High Approx.; Jib Crane 500kg with Demag Hoist, 4m length 4.5m High Approx; Jib Crane 500kg with Clayton Hoist 4.2m Length 5m High Approx.Lifting equipment including: Magnetic lifts; Eclipse magnetic lift; Eclipse 2000kg lift with charger. Mobile cleaning stations, hose pipe reels, fans, coolant mixing unit, ladders, machine mats, storage tanks, pallet trucks, racking, bins and air tools.

Assets may be viewed by appointment only on the 11th and 12th of November.

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