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Equify Auctions Launches EquiPRO, Putting Customers First

Equify Auctions, the online heavy equipment company have launched a new modern, simple-to-use platform called EquiPRO.

Equify are well known for offering a broad selection of used construction equipment, trucks and trailers, oil and gas equipment, attachments, agriculture equipment and accessories, cranes and other machinery today’s businesses need to complete their projects. Their new platform aims to ensure buyers and sellers have a platform built for convenience, speed, and consumer confidence.

“At Equify Auctions, we know that you want to quickly and confidently buy and sell heavy equipment for the best price,” said Mr. Grimm, President of Equify Auctions. “In order to do that, you need a simple process that’s built around you. Most auction companies force you into their one-size-fits-all business model, which makes you feel like you don’t have any options or control. We believe buying and selling equipment should be about you, not us.”

According to the company, Equify Auctions’ technology is hyper-focused on getting the best price for both buyers and sellers, reducing risk and supporting the business needs of its customers.

Available exclusively at, EquiPRO enables users to have the power, options, and control to move their businesses forward like never before.

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