Industrial Auction News 912

14th October 2020 – European Online Auction of Food Processing Machinery

In an online auction, ending on the 14th of October, Industrial Auctions, specialists in the organisation of auctions for the food and beverage industry, are to sell a wide selection of food production equipment from Enkco Food Group due to a production location closure.

Founded in 1960, Enkco Food Group is an internationally orientated company specialised in meat and meat-replacement products, producing hand-crafted food products in an automated production environment. They provide buyers with consistent high quality, maximum service-performance at a competitive price.

Bidding on the online auction will end on 14th October 2020 at 14:00. Viewing the assets are by appointment only and include:

Food processing equipment including: meat grinders, injectors, mixers, vacuum fillers, presses and pumps, forming machines, cooking lines, metal detectors, packaging machines, packaging tables with transport belts, transport and logistics, lifters, platforms, internal transport, S/s operating facilities, transport belts, mesh belts, elevating belts, elevating screws, roller conveyor, combinations and more.

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