Industrial Auction News 809

11th August 2020 – Sale of Food Processing Equipment by Industrial Auctions

Industrial Auctions has expertise in online auctioneering, specialising particularly in sales of machinery, inventory and goods for the food and beverage industries. As well as on-location auctions across Europe, Industrial Auctions also hosts around 5-6 sales each year at their own site in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. The firm are selling a great selection of food and fish processing, bakery and catering equipment.

The online auction opened on the 21st of July and bidding on lots will close on the 11th of August. The assets are located in Eindhoven, the Netherlands and may be viewed on the 10th of August by appointment with the auctioneer only. Items featured in the sale include:

Food processing equipment including: Mado bandsaw; Kolbe bandsaw; Maja mobile skinning and derinding machine; Weber mobile skinning and derinding machine; Sepamatic separator; K+G Wetter mixer-grinder; Koneteollisuus OY mobile mixer-grinder; Alexanderwerk cutter; Inotec mobile sausage cutter; Treif slicer; Conpax Servo Wrap cheese slicer; Eillert B.V. vegetable slicer; Jansen Techniek drumstick slicer; FAM mobile dicer; Holac dicer; Handtmann vacuum filling machine; Frey piston filler; Vemag vacuum filling machine; Glass/Havantec tumbler; Günther freeze and coating unit; MYAC mixer; Loiselet mixer; NN mixer; MR. Etikettiertechniek top and bottom labelling machine; Avery Maschinen GmbH labeller. Fish processing equipment including: Baader infeeder; Baader and Fieret deheading machines; Kroma gutting machine; Trio skinning machine. Catering equipment including ovens, fryers, coffee machines, heaters, dishwashers and cooling/freezing equipment. Bakery equipment including: mixers, ovens, dough sheeters, slicers, forming machines and dividers. Transport belts and conveyors, and much more.

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