Industrial Auction News 939

20th October 2020 – Sale of Bakery Equipment from Gaux

Online auctioneering expert Industrial Auctions specialises in providing services to the food and beverage industries. The firm holds on-location auctions across Europe and 5-6 auctions each year from their base in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Industrial Auctions has expertise in selling complete companies and production lines as well as machinery. This October the firm will sell a great selection of bakery equipment formerly of Gaux.

German firm Gaux specialises in bakery equipment, providing bakery systems to companies around the world. Their clients include artisan bakers as well as chain bakeries and large scale, automated industrial bakeries. Gaux offer an extensive range of high quality, pre-owned equipment. Their services include equipment purchase, resale, dismantling and reassembly, machinery overhaul and modification and project management, advice and planning.

The online auction opened on the 29th of September and bidding closes on the 20th of October. The assets, located in Dornhan, Germany, can be viewed by appointment on the 15th of October. Items available in the auction include: VMI mixer; REGO mixer; HB Technik mobile cooled and heated mixer; Kolb lifter; Fortuna proofer; Busch weighing scale; Kemper dough divider; Gostol dough divider; Fritsch soft dough former; Mecatherm dough flattening machine; Friedrich GmbH mobile oven; Wachtel oven; Miwe oven; Reimelt belt fryer; Delta Bäckerei Maschinen mobile bread slicer; Pago labelling machine; Georg Hartmann Maschinenbau GmbH packaging and clipping machine; Minipack-Torre S.p.A. mobile shrink wrapping machine; Mohrbach box folding machine; Kaak mobile transport belt; NN transport belts; shop counters and display equipment and much more.

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