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3rd August 2021 – Leading Genomic Testing Sale

Global industrial valuation and equipment sales expert The Branford Group has provided asset management solutions to clients for over 30 years. Through their two business divisions – Branford Auctions and Branford Valuations – the firm connects buyers and sellers of surplus industrial equipment, machinery, turn-key manufacturing facilities and real estate. The Branford Group conducts more than 100 live interactive webcast, timed online and on-location podium auctions each year, supported by targeted marketing materials. The Branford Group is selling late-model Instruments as new as 2020 including DNA Sequencers, Thermocyclers, Liquid Handlers, Centrifuges, PCR Workstations, DNA Processors, Lab Casework and Modern Office Furnishings due to the complete closure of CQuentia, a leading genomic testing lab.

The online auction will take place on the 4th of August 2021, with assets are located in Memphis, TN, USA. Key assets in the sale include: (2) Illumina iScan array scanners, AutoLoader 2.X robot, (2) Illumina MiSeqDx sequencers, (2) Illumina NextSeq500 sequencers, (3) 2019 Hamilton Micro-Lab Star robotic liquid handlers, (4) Tecan Freedom EVO liquid handlers w/ Te-Flow, (4) 2020 Thermo KingFisher Flex DNA processors, (10+) CBS Scientific PCR Workstations, (2) Applied Biosystems QuantStudio 5 real-time PCRs, Applied Biosystems QuantStudio 3 real-time PCR, (13) Eppendorf VapoProtect 6325 Mastercycler Pro thermocyclers, LifeTech E-Gel Imager, (2) Tecan Infinite M200Pro microplate reader, Promega Maxwell RSC rapid sample concentrator, Agilent 4200 G2991A tape station, Over (100) 60” Lab Benches w/ Shelves – Like New, Entire Office Suites, Furnishings & Artwork purchased 2019 and much more.

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