Industrial Auction News 802

18th August 2020 – Auction of Herring Filleting Line from Falkeskog

Industrial Auctions is an international online auctioneering firm with particular expertise in conducting auctions for businesses in the food and beverage sectors. Industrial Auctions sells production lines, complete companies and machinery on location throughout Europe and also conduct auctions at their own site in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

Industrial Auctions is selling a Baader filleting line used in the processing of herring. The assets, formerly of Falkeskog Delikatesser AB, are located in Sölvesborg, Sweden. The auction will open on the 28th of July and bidding closes on the 18th of August. The equipment may be inspected by appointment only on the 13th of August. Items featured in the sale include: Cabinplant elevating belt with infeed hopper and dividers; Baader automatic 5-lane infeeder; Baader filleting machine; Cabinplant mobile elevating belt; Multivac thermoformer with suction device for rest film; KG Lyften tilting device for barrels; Albin pump AB rotary piston pump; Rühle mobile dicer.

Some equipment is offered in combination, including: Cabinplant in- and outfeed transport system for Baader filleting line comprising Cabinplant elevating belt with infeed hopper and dividers; Cabinplant dividing belt with 3 dividers; Cabinplant elevating belt with dividers; 3 Cabinplant mobile elevating belts; 2 Cabinplant transport belts; stainless steel table and elevating belt with infeed hopper and dividers. A Baader filleting line is also available in combination, comprising a Baader automatic 5-lane infeeder and Baader filleting machine.

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