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Huge 3 day Fruit Processing Auction

Troostwijk Auctioneers are to host a large 3 day auction of fruit processing, juices and fruit concentrates and storage tanks, plant utilities and many more all originating from the bankruptcy of C.A.S. Srl at Castagnaro (VR) in Italy.

Founded in 1930, Troostwijk has grown to be auction industry experts throughout Europe, hosting over 2200 auctions annually, with buyers in 137 different countries.

From November 26th – 28th, assets will be sold from C.A.S. Srl at Castagnaro (VR) in Italy. The company has produced a range of juices, juice concentrates, purees, powders, flakes and essences. It specialises in the processing of organic fruits and vegetables, as well as from pre – controlled raw materials.

Over 2000 lots will be available for sale, including Food Processing Equipment, laboratory Equipment, Food Industry Cleaning Equipment, Fruit and Vegetable Processing Machines, Pharmaceutical Equipment, Storage and Handling Equipment and much more.

Assets can be viewed on November 19th.

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