Industrial Auction News 744

Huge Vegetable Processing and Freezing System for Auction

Rabin Worldwide Auctioneers, who date back over six decades when they began as a family run auctioneering company, has grown to a world-renowned establishment that is recognised due to their success and reliability. The assets in this auction from Milotal Frozen Vegetable Ltd are an advanced vegetable processing line that includes; Green Bean Receiving and Snipping Line, Corn Husking and Cutting Line, Root Vegetable and Pea Equipment and Freeze Tunnel System.

Milotal Frozen Vegetable Ltd, founded in 1989 in Israel, have decided to relocate, causing their equipment to be sold at auction.

The auction will be held online, enabling a wider audience to purchase equipment. The sale will close on Wednesday the 4th of September at 2:00 (Israel Time). Interested buyers will be able to inspect all assets on Monday and Tuesday the 2nd & 3rd of September.

The available equipment to purchase includes aspects of each of the lines (Green bean receiving and snipping line, Corn Husking and Cutting Line, Root vegetable and Pea Equipment and Freeze Tunnel system). Equipment includes, Hughes cluster cutter, brush & dirt reel, Corn Cobb 3 blade head cutting stations, PKC model 400 rotary steam peeler and much more.

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