Industrial Auction News 931

Available for Immediate Sale Fleet Service & Capital Spares and Fracking Materials

Hilco Industrial is an asset management specialist providing services to a broad range of industry sectors. The firm maximises the value of underperforming and surplus machinery, inventory and equipment applying a number of methods to optimise sales, including live onsite auctions, timed online auctions, webcast auctions, private negotiated sales and turnkey sales. Hilco Industrial is selling Fleet Service Spare Parts, Instruments, Fluid Ends, Pumps and Iron; Fracking Materials – Chemicals, Cement and Sand; and Capital Spares – Rebuilt Engines, Engines and Transmissions from BJ.

BJ was a leading provider of hydraulic fracturing and cementing services to upstream oil and gas companies engaged in the exploration and production of North American oil and natural gas resources. Based in Tomball, Texas, the Company operated in every major basin throughout U.S. and Canada. The book value of the inventory is $53.6mm. The inventory is at (10) locations in the U.S and (3) locations in Canada, with a majority located at (4) U.S. and (1) Canadian locations. The inventory consists of Fleet Service Parts including Spare Parts, Instruments, Fluid Ends, Pumps, and Iron, as well as Fracking Materials including Chemicals, Cement, and Sand and Capital Spares including Rebuilt Engines, Engines, and Transmissions Spare Parts including a wide variety of consumable spares for trucks and operating equipment, including maintenance and repair parts (e.g., belts, hose, bearings, gears, electrical parts, seals, bulbs, fuses, valves, paints, and lubricants).

Key assets for sale include: Instruments consisting of electronic and electro-mechanical instruments for measurement of pressure and flow; Fluid Ends including large manifold-like devices that can have three, four, or five (tri, quad, quint) passages for fracking material to pass through as it is transmitted downhole; Pumps comprising a variety of large pumps for fluid and sand; Iron including a variety of steel items, such as pipe, tube, and structural equipment and Fracking chemicals which include, but not be limited to: dyes, hydrochloric acid, biocides, friction reducers, IntegraSeal, IntegraCem, dispersants, foam preventers, stabilizers, accelerators and reducers, resins, potassium chloride, bentonite, mineral oil and soda ash.

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