Industrial Auction News 902

7th October 2020 – Sale of Machinery for the Food Industry by Industrial Auctions

Online auctioneering expert Industrial Auctions specialises in the auction of inventory, machinery and goods for the food and beverage industries. Industrial Auctions sells production lines, complete companies and individual items of machinery. The firm conducts auctions on location throughout Europe and hold sales at their own site in Eindhoven, the Netherlands 5-6 times a year.

In an online auction closing on the 7th of October Industrial Auctions will sell a range of equipment for use in the food industry, located in Raciaz, Poland. The assets can be inspected on the 5th of October by appointment with the auctioneer only and include: NN grinder; Berkel grinder; Krämer & Grebe grinder with lifter; Kolbe bandsaw; Inotec mobile sausage cutter; MG Food Machinery Services sausage cutter; Krämer & Grebe vacuum cutter; NN micro cutter; Fomaco mobile strip cutter; Bizerba strip cutter; Maja skinning machine; Weber mobile skinning and derinding machine; Diosna mixer for dough; Risco double shaft paddle mixer; Dadaux mixer; Inject Star vacuum tumbler; Nowicki cooled vacuum tumbler; Danfotech tumbler; Inject Star injector; NN piston filler; Vemag mobile portioning and linking machine; NN vegetable dryer; Sibola weighing, wrapping and labelling system; Attec circular saw; NN dehairing machine; Multivac mobile vacuum machine and much more.

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