Industrial Auction News 861

15th September 2020 – Auction of Injection Molding Machines and Other Plastics Equipment

The Branford Group is comprised of two business divisions – Branford Auctions and Branford Valuations – with significant experience in the valuation and sale of surplus industrial machinery, equipment, turn-key manufacturing facilities and real estate. The firm conducts more than 100 live webcast and timed online auctions every year, alongside on-site auctions and negotiated private treaty sales.

The Branford Group is selling a great offering of injection molding machines, plastics support equipment, granulators, dryers and other equipment from a global injection molding facility. Bidding in lots in the online auction opens on the 10th of September and closes on the 15th of September. The assets are located in Huron, Ohio and can be viewed on the 14th of September. Pre-auction offers will be entertained on major assets. Lots featuring in the sale include:

More than 30 injection molding machines, ranging from 110 to 3,000 tonnes featuring models by Cincinnati, HPM and Van Dorn including: 1996 Cincinnati Milacron VL3300-362; 1995 HPM H3000;; 1992 HPM Cinci-Mil-1500-225; 1996 Toshiba IS1300DF; 2005 Cincinnati Milacron MG1300-179; 2000 Cincinnati Milacron MM1000-140; 1996 Van Dorn 1000H-RS-165FXLP349; Van Dorn 500H-RF-60F. Robots including: 2012 Sepro 4050 S3 Trans robot; 2012 Sepro 4050 S3 Trans robots; Sepro Strong 50 robot; more than 10 Sepro and Witman robots. Over 20 blenders manufactured by Conair and Maguire. 150HP Cumberland grinders. 12-zone, 8-zone and 4-zone hot runners. Thermolators by Conair, Milacron and AEC. Valve gate controllers, mold temperature controllers, conveyors and more.

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