Industrial Auction News 162

Introducing our Partner Exapro


Industrial Auction News 162


Exapro has helped sellers and buyers trade used machinery through their online marketplace since 2000. Their site is available in 9 languages and utilizes a team of agents that assists sellers through the entire sale process.

Combining Efficiency and Transparency Globally

As a B2B marketplace, Exapro is dedicated to helping its customers and partners, assisting global clients by answering their specific questions and helping them complete sales and purchases across continents. All inquiries are treated with responsibility, technical competence and full transparency as this is the key to successful deals. 

Exapro prides itself on not simply being a website, but real people that are ready to communicate with their customers on a daily basis. This is why small companies, professional end users and global businesses alike choose them.

Exapro promotes used machinery via a global network of local markets and international clients.

Companies, plants or professional resellers looking at selling some of their plant equipment can register on the Exapro marketplace and offer their machines for sale.

  1. Exapro’s Agents will optimize offers and promote them offline and online 
  2. Agents filter requests and will only proceed with buyers that are serious
  3. Agents put buyers and sellers in touch to arrange site visits 
  4. Once a deal has been concluded, Exapro will send the seller a commission invoice

Exapro’s Vision

Exapro trades and promotes second-hand machinery globally. Exapro realized at the end of the 90’s that there was an opportunity in the market as the connection between used equipment and potential new owners was not facilitated properly and then only on a regional basis. The manufacturing industry could benefit enormously from an online marketplace that was able to trade second-hand machinery optimally.

Exapro’s vision is to offer sellers a fast and easy way to find reliable buyers for their used machines and to provide buyers with access to good quality used equipment at affordable prices. Exapro believes strongly that every working machine has value. What is surplus machinery for a seller may represent an opportunity for a buyer to buy branded industrial equipment while reducing costs.

Accepted and Digested Globally

Exapro utilizes a client-oriented approach, using an experienced team of international Key Account Managers that is able to support all types of clients, including resellers, large production companies and private entities. As trading on a global scale is the most efficient way to connect sellers and buyers from different corners of the globe, Exapro has made this part of their mission.

Although their multilingual, multinational team specialized in global trade, it is powered by extensive knowledge of the technical aspects of equipment they help acquire or sell. While not being technicians themselves, the team ensures that sellers and buyers connect successfully, irrespective of the barriers or distance.

Exapro’s biggest assets are their partners – the trusted sellers and buyers with whom they have established long-lasting relationships over many years. As Exapro cherishes business relationships, their clients tend to stay with them and purchase or offer equipment through Exapro’s online platform repeatedly.

Combining the Auctioning World with the Marketplace

In the used machinery market, two different market approaches are most often used: 

  1. Industrial auctions where equipment is sold within a specified period at a price determined by current demand. 
  2. A marketplace approach where equipment is offered at what the seller believes to be a fair price. With this approach, price negotiation is key and time is not really an important factor. 

Exapro has removed the scrapping of machines from their business model as they believe that very few machines deserve to be scrapped.

Exapro’s ambition is to build on their strengths to enhance the manufacturing industry. To achieve this, they leverage their extensive database, global trading skills and Web knowledge to develop new disruptive services for the industry.

Bidderlists – Exapro Auctions

Exapro also offers a service they call the Auction VIP Program that allows sellers to turn their assets into cash easily and quickly. 

Exapro works with the best auctioneers to make sure their sellers get the best price by reaching the most relevant buyers of their assets for sale. 

Once a seller has joined the Auction VIP Program, their team will analyze and appraise the equipment for sale. Exapro will then match the seller’s assets to the auctioneer most likely to get the best price for those assets at auction and introduce the seller to the auctioneer.

Exapro’s partners offer Live and Internet bidding, making it easy for buyers to bid from anywhere in the world. Auctioneers within the program work with Exapro to reach an enormous local and global audience. Thanks to Exapro’s relationships with auctioneers, their auction VIP program members get the lowest listing fees in the market.


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