Industrial Auction News 161

Introducing Our Partner Kitmondo


Industrial Auction News 161


Kitmondo has used their online marketplace to connect buyers and sellers of used industrial machinery since 2006 and offers its services to all types of buyers and sellers of used industrial machinery globally. Kitmondo is the right place to buy and sell for buyers looking to find their production site’s missing unit, or sellers wanting to sell their used equipment.

What is Kitmondo?

The Kitmondo online marketplace trades used machinery both locally and globally. The firm uses a dedicated sales team to provide high visibility for used equipment clients want to sell by generating the appropriate traffic to every piece of equipment displayed on the site.

Services for Buyers

As Kitmondo wants to ensure buyers get the most from their marketplace, they hand-pick each listing, making sure that it is high-quality, up-to-date and easy to find. Used equipment in a wide variety of categories can be found on Kitmondo, including metalworking machines, pharma and electronics equipment. 

Their user-friendly website makes it easy and fast to search for machinery that matches any purchasing requirement. Simply enter the name of the manufacturer or machine in the search bar, or search by categories and subcategories. 

Once you have found the equipment you’re interested in, there’s no need to wait long for additional information. Kitmondo uses personalized, one to one communication and an agent will contact you as soon as they have the information you require. If the equipment you’re interested in has been sold, the sales agent will recommend the best alternative to meet your requirements.

Services for Sellers

Any seller of used equipment will benefit from using Kitmondo’s website, including end users, resellers and anyone fulfilling purchasing requirements for used machinery. Working with Kitmondo will save you time and is free. 

Professional sales agents support sellers to find serious buyers for all equipment that is being advertised. Sellers using Kitmondo also have a competitive advantage in that they get increased exposure to buyers for their machines. As it is easy to find machines listed on Kitmondo online, this leads to more traffic to the equipment listed and results in a higher chance to sell. 

Sellers that are offering their used machines on their own website are welcome to also use Kitmondo’s services as the partnership is non-exclusive. If the seller manages to sell equipment listed on Kitmondo on their own, Kitmondo will simply remove the listing from their website for free.

Services for Auctioneers

Kitmondo also has partnerships with industrial auctioneers globally and offers a specialized information newsletter that announces upcoming auctions and new listings for different categories.

How does it work?

Kitmondo summarizes their services in eight steps: 

  1. Sellers wanting to use Kitmondo to sell used machinery register as new clients, or sign in if they are already registered. 
  2. Sellers can list the machines for sale for free in one of two ways – listing them on their own, or request sales agents to assist them by listing the machines for them. When listing machines for sale, sellers should remember that more information will lead to higher visibility, resulting in higher traffic, more potential buyers, and ultimately increases the probability of a sale. 
  3. When a listing is saved, it goes online automatically and can be found by potential buyers. Kitmondo website’s high visibility guarantees high traffic to listings. 
  4. Buyers visit Kitmondo with purchasing intent. When they find equipment they want, they click on the inquiry button, resulting in Kitmondo’s sales department contacting them. 
  5. Sales agents handle all requests and liaise with sellers to obtain additional information if required.  
  6. Sales agents will exchange buyers’ and sellers’ contact details to initiate inspections and finalize the deal. Sales agents remain available to assist both parties if needed. 
  7. The seller and buyer close the deal directly between themselves. Buyers transfer the applicable amount for equipment and additional services required directly into a seller’s bank account. 
  8. Sales agents continuously update listings to ensure the latest relevant data is always available.

Kitmondo’s Mission

Surplus equipment or assets that are no longer profitable for one business may represent an opportunity to run a successful production for another. Kitmondo believes that equipment is meant to be used continuously and their goal is to help repurpose used machines that still have many running years in them. Sellers and buyers of used machinery are brought together in a mutually beneficial relationship through Kitmondo’s marketplace and services.

Who is behind Kitmondo?

Kitmondo’s team has extensive experience in the industrial sector, as well as in marketing, IT and customer service. The team has gained deep insight into the industrial world, making them well-qualified to offer high-quality intermediary services online for selling and buying used equipment. 

Kitmondo’s IT and marketing teams are constantly working on making the marketplace highly visible online, resulting in generating the most relevant traffic and matching the right buyer with the equipment most suitable for them. Sales agents are resources that provide excellent customer service and share a wealth of knowledge of trends, both past and current, in the industrial industry.

Bidderlists – Kitmondo Auctions

Kitmondo also enables sellers to turn their assets into cash easily and quickly by offering a service they call the Auction VIP Program. 

Kitmondo makes sure their sellers get the best price by reaching relevant buyers of their assets for sale by working with the best auctioneers. 

Once a seller has joined the Auction VIP Program, their team will appraise and analyze the equipment for sale. Kitmondo will then match these assets with an auctioneer most likely to get the best prices at auction. Kitmondo introduces the seller to this auctioneer.

Kitmondo’s partners offer Internet and Live bidding, making it easy for buyers to bid from anywhere across the globe. Auctioneers within the program work with Kitmondo to reach a huge global and local audience. Thanks to Kitmondo’s relationships with auctioneers, members of their auction VIP program get the lowest listing fees available.


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