Industrial Auction News 930

13th October 2020 – Biopharma Research and Laboratory Equipment for Auction

GoIndustry DoveBid, a Liquidity Services market place, provides online auction services to a broad range of industries. On October 13th, GoDove will sell a range of Biopharma Research and Laboratory Equipment from Midatech Pharma, a drug delivery technology company focused on improving the bio-delivery and biodistribution of medicines.

The online auction will include 180 lots of high quality biopharma, R&D and general laboratory equipment to include dissolution testing system, UPLC, Chromatography system, mass spectrometers, centrifuge, autoclave, lyophilizer, isolator, microscopes, stirrers, separation module pumps and general lab equipment.

Key assets in the auction comprise of: Chromatography System: Äkta Pure ’25 M1′, HPLC Systems: Waters Acquity, Lyophilizer: Sp Scientific 25l Genesis SQ EL-85, Telstar ‘Lyoquest-55’, Autoclave: Matachana ‘S1000’, Biodecontamination System: Steris ‘VHP 1000EDS’, Microwave Reaction System: Anton Paar ‘Synthos 3000’, Isolator: Amercare, ICP Mass Spectrometer: Perkins Elmer ‘Nexion 300X’, Perkins Elmer ‘Lambda 35’, Inverted Microscope: Zeiss Axio, Centrifuges: Thermo Scientific ‘Vibramax 100’, Heraeus ‘Labofuge 400R’, Beckamn Coulter ‘Allegra X-15R’, Thermo Scientific ‘SR 8R’, Vertical Laminar Flow Cabinet: Tesltar and Erlab Captair (Qty 12), Incubator: Memmert, Stirrers: IKA, VWR, SciQuip and Fisherbrand (Qty 6), Analytical Balance: Metler Toledo, Refrigerator & Freezer: Liebherr & Bosch, Ultrasonic bath, vacuum pumps, Ph Meter, Agitators, Water Purification Systems, Safety Storage Cabinets and more.

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