Industrial Auction News 651

Large Auction of Assets from Rubber Rolls Inc.

Cincinnati Industrial Auctioneers, in conjunction with Myron Bowling Auctioneers are to sell assets from Rubber Rolls Inc, a Rubber Roller Manufacturer, located in Washington, Pennsylvania.

CIA Auctioneers, is a nationwide provider of asset disposition, auction and appraisal services. With a fifty year history, the company is well known for hosting successful auctions for a range of different industries, with about 60 auctions taking place nationwide annually.

The live onsite and webcast auction will take place on November 6th will see a variety of equipment sold including Lathes to 80″ Swing and 20′ Centers, Adamson 3-Roll Calendar (2007), Strip Builder with Davis Extruder, Roll Grinders, Rubber Mills, Ovens, Autoclaves and Support Equipment.

Key assets contained in the 240 lots include: 28” x 68” Adamson Three-Roll Calendar Processor (Rebuilt 2007), (2) 60” Stewart Bolling Rubber Mills, 3.5” Davis Standard DS-REV3.5IN Rubber Extruder,80” x 16’ Safop 1500TR Lathe w/ Grinding Head,30″ X 190″ 190″ Remco GG130x190 Grinder Groover,Forklifts to 8,000 Lbs., Shop and Support Equipment and much more.

Inspection of the assets is available the day before the sale.

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