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10th August 2021 – Major CBD Processor Sale

Asset appraisal, disposition and equipment sales specialist Tiger provides services to businesses across the retail, wholesale and manufacturing industries. The firm appraises in excess of $30 billion of assets and sells more than $1 billion of machinery, equipment and other assets each year. This August Tiger is to sell equipment & real estate of a former major CBD Processor, located in Cadiz, KY. The online auction on the 10th of August will include Automated Solvent Evaporators, Hemp Analyzers, Lab Equipment, Vulcan & IEC – Thermo Industrial Drying Systems & Material Handling Equipment.

Key assets in the sale include: (4) 2019 Precision Extractions Solutions Automated Solvent Evaporator, M/N- ASE100, S/N- 7168-14, 100 Liters/Hour with ASE 100 Hose Kits, *Purchased New for Approximately $800,000*, 2019 Shimadzu High Performance Liquid Chromograph, M/N-LC-2030C Plus, 2019 UIC Short Path Distillation Plant, 2018 Eden Labs Ethanol Extraction System, Thermo Scientific Recirculating Chiller, Cascade Sciences Forced Air Decarb Oven, Lab Stirrers, Moisture Analyzers and Centrifuges, 2019 Vulcan Drying System Consisting of Portable Drying Feed System with Horizontal Feed Conveyor and Stationary Direct Fired Rotary Dryer, Minimum of 13.29 MMBtu Natural Gas Combustion Air Fan Burner and Fuel Train Auxiliary Infiltration Air Blower, Solids Discharge System with Counter-Weighted Gravity Operated Flap Gate on Dryer Discharge Breaching Particulate Control Unit, Approx. 30,000 cfm Cyclone with Rotary Airlock Approx. 30,000 cfm Induced Draft Fan Ductwork Connecting Rotary Dryer to Cyclone and Blower, Integration Consisting of Instruments, Piping, Pipe Supports, Wiring and Cable Support with Controls and Control Panel, Purchased New for Approx. $500,000* and much, much more.

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