Industrial Auction News 893

7th October 2020 – Auction of Mozzarella Manufacturing Equipment

Auctioneering firm Troostwijk was founded in 1930, providing asset management services to a broad range of businesses. With industry experts located across Europe, Troostwijk conducts around 2,000 valuations and 3,000 online auctions every year, selling to buyers in 158 countries. Troostwijk is selling a complete manufacturing plant for mozzarella, including real estate, located in Carpinone, Italy.

The former La Fiorente production site includes 3 Milk Lab 600kg high-end mozzarella manufacturing lines, storage tanks, production and processing equipment. The real estate comprises a 19,947 m2 facility. The assets come to the market following bankruptcy of the well-known mozzarella manufacturer.

The online auction closes on the 7th of October. The assets may be viewed on the 6th of October and include: 2003 Farck double cheese vat; dairy equipment; stainless steel mobile bins; 1982 Westfalia Msb60-01-076 dairy separator; 2003 Technicapompe Zal100/40p pump unit; 1985 Schmidt Sigma 27HW dairy pasteurisation equipment; Schmidt Sigma 16 plate heat exchanger; 2003 FibosavMilk s.r.l. Lab 11 cheese and cream processing equipment; 1991 FibosavMilk s.r.l. H4M cheese and cream processing equipment; FibosavMilk s.r.l. stainless steel mixing input screw conveyor; 2003 Fibosa milk RF 1.5×19 stainless steel cheese cooling and brining vat; 2003 Fibosa milk Lab-28 stainless steel cheese moulding machine; 2004 Ali Pack AM65 thermoformer; 992 Mec tema CTF.M thermoformer and much more.

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