29th - 30th June 2021 - Par Pharmaceutical Equipment Sale

29th - 30th June 2021 - Par Pharmaceutical Equipment Sale

The Pharmaceutical equipment sale is scheduled to end on the 30th of June.

PPL Group is a leading expert in industrial liquidations and auctions. The firm has extensive experience selling assets ranging from specialised equipment to complete facilities and multiple plants. In a 2-day auction this June, PPL Group will sell a great offering of equipment formerly operated by Par Pharmaceutical. The sale takes place in conjunction with Capital Recovery Group, Federal Equipment and Heritage Global Partners.

Assets featured across the two days of the sale include: 6 Agilent 1200 Series HPLC Systems, 4 Agilent 6890/7809 GC Systems, 7 Waters HPLC Systems, 12 Agilent Dissolution UV-Online Spectrophotometer, Thermo Electron Nicolet 380 FTIR
& More!, 2016 Glatt GPCG 5 Pro Fluid Bed Dryer (W/ Wurster & Top Spray), Vector GMX 150 High Shear Granulator, Vector GMX 10 High Shear Granulator, 2016 Bosch Huttlin Pilotlab Fluid Bed Dryer, Bosch Huttlin Unilab, 2016 Vector TFC 220 Roller Compactor, Fitzpatrick M5A Mill
Quadro 197 Comil, Thomas XR Compulab Coater (36”, 24” & 19” Pans), Sweco 24” Sanitary Screener and much more. The equipment is available for preview by appointment only.

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