Industrial Auction News 1529

30th June 2021 – Pharma And Laboratory Equipment Sale

Gutinvest International Assets have extensive experience in the industrial equipment sales. Thanks to its great vocation, professionalism and transparency, clients are able to count on specialists in the sector that help to maximize the value of the final market, through their extensive network of collaborators located in the main European companies.

In an online auction ending on June 30th, Gutinvest International Assets are to sell more than 350 lots, belonging to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sector. Located in Gerona, Spain, this will include tablet counters, encapsulators, packaging machines, cartoning machines, autoclaves, gas chromatographs, metal detectors, laminar flow cabinets, pipettes and more.

Key assets for sale include: CREMER 24-channel linear tablet and capsule counter, GLATT Mixer extruder unit, KALISH Monobloc counter laboratory machine, IMA Automatic capsule filler machine, IMPRESSA Capsule Filler machine, FETTE Rotary tablet press, INFIPACK Vertical packaging machine with capper, Cap feeding machine, IWKA Cartoning machine, PERKIN ELMER HPLC, METTLER TOLEDO Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC), WEINVIEW Vial filling machine, Oil capsule machines, Fedegari Autoclave – automatic vertical sterilizer, Thermo Scientific Atomic absorption Spectrometer, PerkinElmer OPTIMA 2000 optical emission spectrometer, PHARMA TECHNOLOGIC – LOCK Tablet debuster lock and metal detector, BELCA Automatic shrink wrapping machine and much more.

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