4th May 2021 - Pharmaceutical Lab & Pilot Plant Equipment Sale

4th May 2021 - Pharmaceutical Lab & Pilot Plant Equipment Sale

Federal Equipment Company was first established in 1957. Based in Cleveland, Ohio, the firm specialises in industrial equipment sales, liquidation and investment recovery programs. Federal Equipment Company buys and sells equipment used across a wide range of process industries, including equipment used in the pharmaceutical, food, chemical, packaging, rubber and plastics sectors. The firm stocks equipment across 275 distinct categories.

This May, in conjunction with Proxio Group, Federal Equipment are to sell a range of Pharmaceutical Lab & Pilot Plant Process Equipment, located in Cleveland, OH, USA.

Key assets in the online auction, which ends on May the 4th, include: Horiba Partica Model LA-950 Laser Scattering Particle Size Distribution Analyzer, Metrohm Model 756 KF Coulometer with Keyboard, Beckman Coulter Model LS230 .04um – 2000um Particle Sizer, Malvern Spraytech Model STP5311 Aerosol and Spray Particle Analyzer, Agilent Model 8453 UV Spectrometer with Transport and Peristaltic Pump, BUCHI CORP R300 Rotavap, Heidolph Hei-VAP Rotary Evaporator with Heidolph Basis Hei-VAP, Riva Piccola Tablet Press, 10 Station, LBB Bohle Bin Blender, Model LM40, Netzsch Horizonal Media Mill, Model ME2 DCMS and more.

Viewing is by appointment only.

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